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Sodium pyrithione (NPT)

We can provide at very competitive price: sodium pyrithione(NPT) other fungicide, antibacterial agents, preservatives original body, thiabendazole (TBZ) ・ zinc pyrithione also (ZPT).etc.
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Product example

Sodium pyrithione (NPT)
Packing in PE 200L drums
CAS No. 3811-73-2
Usage Fungicides
Color and shape Transparent liquid
Purity 40%Min.
pH 8.5 to 10.5
Specific gravity 1.19 to 1.26
Refractive index 1.4770 to 1.4870

Other industrial chemicals: chloroxylenol (PCMX) / chlorhexidine / fine bronopol

Chloroxylenol (PCMX)
Appearance White to colorless crystals
Odor Faint odor of phenol
Purity 99.0% or more
Total impurities Less than 1.0%
2 - chloro-3,
5 - dimethyl phenol
Less than 0.2%
3,5 - xylenol Less than 0.2%
2,4 - dichloro-3,
5 - xylenol
Less than 0.5%
Tetrachlorethylene 0.15%
Iron 100mg/kg following
Moisture Less than 0.2%
Loss on ignition Less than 0.1%
Melting point 114 ~ 116 ℃
Packing in 25kg fiber drums
Aminoguanidine hydrochloride
Appearance White crystals powder
Usage Dye ,Synthetic raw material
Packing in 25kg bags
Quantity Minimum Order Quantity : 1 mt( made - to - order )
Standard Please refer to the following example.
Aminoguanidine hydrochloride (Appearance))
Specifications example
Chlorhexidine hydrochloride
Appearance White powder
Purity 98.0% or more
Melting point 255~259℃
p-chloroaniline Less than 0.05%
Loss of ignition Less than 1.0%
Packing in 25kg fiber drums
Fine bronopol
Appearance White crystal
Purity 99.0% or more
Melting point 123 ~ 131 ℃
pH 5.0-7.0
Moisture Less than 0.5%
Particle size under 20 mesh (100%), 10 mesh (95%)
Packing in 25kg fiber drums

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