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Various bars and metal bismuth (Bi), etc.

Selling at competitive price bismuth (Bi) · cobalt (Co) · manganese (Mn) · nickel (Ni) · copper (Cu) · tin (Sn) · molybdenum (Mo) · tungsten (W) · antimony (Sb), etc.

We also purchase those metals

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Product example:The following is example of bismuth (Bi)
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Product standard of bismuth (Bi) metal
Bi Cu Zn Pb Ag Fe As Sb Cl Te
≧99.99% ≦10ppm ≦5ppm ≦10ppm ≦40ppm ≦10ppm ≦3ppm ≦5ppm ≦15ppm ≦3ppm
Bismuth (Bi) shape, size, weight, packing
Shape Size Packing Weight
Rectangular ingot about 140mm × 約80mm × 30mm about 16kg / piece N/W 1,000Kg
(±5%)in wooden box,
or palletized.

Also handling other metals and inorganic compounds
  • Manganese metal(Mn)

  • Bismuth nitrate : Bi(NO3)3・5H2O / bismuth oxide : Bi2O3
  • Nickel (Ni) · cobalt (Co) · copper (Cu) · tin (Sn) · manganese (Mn) · molybdenum (Mo) · tungsten (W) · antimony (Sb) · cadmium (Cd) · chromium (Cr) · magnesium (Mg) · gold (Au) · silver (Ag)

For more information, please contact us by e-mail or phone.