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Non-ferrous metals and rare metals , precious metals , rare earth scrap

Purchase and recycling(encluding resourcing recvoery) of cuttings, cutting powder, sludge, residue, waste solution and plating ball of containing nickel (Ni) ・ cobalt (Co) ・ molybdenum (Mo) ・ Copper (Cu) ・ zinc (Zn) ・ tin (Sn) ・ bismuth (Bi) ・ tungsten (W) .

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Various non-ferrous metal residues, sludge, waste solution.
  • nickel (Ni) residue, cobalt (Co) residue, tin (Sn)residue, lead solder (Pb) residue , copper (Cu) residue, zinc (Zn)residue, tungsten (W ) residue, bismuth (Bi) residue etc.
  • Nickel (Ni) sludge , tin (Sn) sludge, tungsten (W) sludge, zinc (Zn) slag
    Bismuth (Bi) sludge , copper (Cu) sludge etc.
  • Sludge waste solution of nickel (Ni) ・ cobalt (Co) ・ tin (Sn) ・ Copper (Cu) ・ zinc (Zn) ・tungsten (W)
Plating sludge of various non-ferrous metal

Nickel (Ni) ・ tungsten (W) ・ molybdenum , tin (Sn) plating sludge etc.

Various non-ferrous alloy scrap
  • scrap nickel (Ni) based alloy scrap, cobalt (Co) based alloy scrap , stainless steel (SUS) waste
  • Various non-ferrous metal scrap such as Nickel(Ni),Cobalt(Co) and Molybdenum(Mo)
Tungsten, hard metal scraps (W)

Tungsten, hard metal scraps (W)・ Alloy powder / waste / sludge, brazing scrap, hard chip Carbide Tool Carbide waste - sludge - cermet die steel , high-speed steel , end mill ,powder

Dummy ball ( ball plating )

Nickel (Ni) plating ball , nickel copper (NiCu) plating ball

Metal soap

Naphthenic acid metal salt - octyl acid metal salt cobalt naphthenate , manganese naphthenate , zinc naphthenate , cobalt octoate - octyl aluminum , zinc octoate and other

Scrap magnet rare earth scrap

Sm-Co( Samarium cobalt ) magnet scraps, Nd ( neodymium ) magnet scrap ・ AlNiCo ( Alnico ) magnet scrap, etc.

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Bars and metal ( non-ferrous metals and precious metals )

Nickel , cobalt , bismuth , manganese , copper, tin, antimony , bismuth , molybdenum , cadmium, tungsten , chromium , magnesium, gold , silver, palladium , rhodium, selenium , indium , etc.

Rare earth

Dysprosium , neodymium , etc.


Ferro manganese ferro-nickel , ferrochrome , ferro molybdenum , ferro tungsten

Inorganic compounds ( inorganic chemical products)
  • Nickel oxide , nickel hydroxide , nickel carbonate , nickel chloride , nickel sulfate , nickel nitrate , nickel acetate , nickel sulfamate
  • Cobalt oxide , cobalt hydroxide , cobalt chloride , cobalt sulfate , cobalt nitrate , cobalt acetate
  • Chromium oxide , chromic acid , chromium chloride , chromium sulfate , chromium nitrate , sodium dichromate
  • Copper oxide , copper carbonate , cuprous chloride , cupric chloride , copper sulfate , copper acetate , copper powder
  • Stannous oxide , stannic oxide , stannous chloride , tin sulfate , metastannic acid
  • Zinc oxide ( zinc ) , zinc dust , zinc borate
  • Lead silicate , red lead , litharge , lead chromate
  • Ferric iron powder , iron oxide , iron hydroxide , ferric nitrate, red iron oxide
  • Manganese dioxide , manganese chloride , manganese carbonate
  • Molybdenum trioxide , ammonium molybdate , molybdic acid soda
  • Tungsten trioxide , ammonium para- tungstate , tungstate soda ( sodium ) , tungsten carbide (WC)
  • Bismuth oxide, bismuth nitrate
  • Aluminum oxide, aluminum hydroxide, aluminum nitrate
  • (Flame retardant, flame retardant agent), antimony trioxide antimony sulphate
Metal soap

Naphthenic acid metal salt, octyl acid metal salt, cobalt naphthenate, manganese naphthenate, zinc naphthenate, cobalt octoate, octyl aluminum, zinc octoate and other

Precious metal salts

Gold cyanide, potassium gold cyanide, silver cyanide, silver nitrate, palladium chloride

Other compounds

Borax, boric acid, arsenous acid, iodine, mercury, cadmium oxide, cadmium sulfide, titanium oxide, lithium hydroxide, lithium carbonate, lime, slaked lime, calcium bicarbonate, vanadium pentoxide, cerium carbonate, lithium fluoride, barium fluoride, etc.

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