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Our Strengths

Strengths: ①:A wide variety of industrial network and proposals expertise gained in over 40 years since establishment.

Sine we established in 1974,for many years, by allowing us to deal with a wide variety of industries and companies , catalysts and ceramics , petrochemicals , chemicals, electrical machinery , batteries , automobiles, steel , special steel, plating and pharmaceutical , food and sensors etc. , we have been built a many network of industry and companies in domestic and abroad .
At the same time, our first main business was only dealing nickel and cobalt, and now also has been spread scrap such as precious metals, cemented carbide, rare earth , super and non-ferrous metals molybdenum - tungsten , copper, tin, zinc , etc. , also collection and recycling of waste catalyst.
In the sales , we are dealing various comodditiy such as metal and compounds of bismuth , manganese , industrial chemicals , antimony trioxide of thiabendazole (TBZ) , etc. .
Processing also include revalue making and re use of scrap to make use of a wide variety of partners and industry networks and know-how of so many years that we cultivated in the handling performance of a wide variety of industries , companies and items have occurred , from sales representative it is the strength of our company to be able to propose trading partners like .

Strengths: ②:The quality control check by products thorough

Our representative in attendance directly , scrap , waste catalyst to be allowed to buy and sell conducted the sampling - analysis .
Thorough checking the commodity, we confirm whether it is the quality of customer requirements or not.

Strengths③:Secret information management

We consider scrap of raw materials and products coming out from the manufacturing process is an important secret for the companies .
Of course ,our company observe maintaining the secret information management, and willing to contract non-disclosure agreement to protect the secret accordingly.