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Purchase and recycling

  • Battery scrap , scrap , powder, foil slurry

    Lithium- ion (Li-ion) battery

    Secondary battery scraps, NCM battery scrap
    cobalt (Co) ・ nickel (Ni) ・ manganese (Mn) content
    Ni,Co -based battery scrap ( scrap )
    cobalt (Co) lithium battery Co containing powder such as CoLi,Co3O4 / nickel (Ni) lithium battery scrap, powder, foil, slurry.
    Lithium Manganese Oxide Powder manufacturing process scraps
    Purchase and recycling manufacturing process scraps of Lithium Manganese oxide powder based on sample , data of assay etc.

    Nickel-Metal Hydride (Ni hydrogen ) Battery : Ni-MH

    It contained the manufacturing process scrap and scrap , nickel hydrogen (Ni hydrogen ) batteries ( scrap )

    The other manufacturing process scraps

    Purchase and recycling manufacturing process scraps such as Co hydroxide, Co carbonate, Ni oxide, Ni hydroxide etc.

  • Spent catalysts ( spent catalyst )

    Nickel (Ni) spent catalysts and Raney nickel (Ni) ・ sponge nickel (Ni) catalyst , etc.

    Cobalt (Co) spent catalyst

    Molybdenum (Mo) spent catalyst

    Tungsten (W) spent catalyst

    Copper (Cu) spent catalyst

    Copper zinc (CuZn) spent catalyst

    Zinc (Zn) spent catalyst

    Tin (Sn) spent catalyst

  • Non-ferrous metals and rare metals , precious metals , rare earth

    Various non-ferrous metal slag , sludge , sludge, waste

    Nickel (Ni) ・ cobalt (Co) ・ tin (Sn) ・ Lead solder (Pb) ・ copper (Cu) ・ zinc (Zn) ・ tungsten (W) ・ bismuth (Bi)

    We will purchase the expensive Cass sludge , sludge, waste liquid containing non-ferrous metals such as .

    Plating sludge of various non-ferrous metal

    Nickel (Ni) ・ tungsten (W) ・ molybdenum (Mo) ・ tin (Sn) plating sludge etc.

    Various non-ferrous alloy scrap , scrap

    Nickel (Ni) based alloy scrap , cobalt (Co) based alloy scrap , stainless steel (SUS) waste

    Scrap nickel (Ni) ・ cobalt (Co) ・ molybdenum and various other non-ferrous metal

    Metal soap

    Naphthenic acid metal salt - octyl acid metal salt cobalt naphthenate , manganese naphthenate , zinc naphthenate , cobalt octoate - octyl aluminum , zinc octoate and other

    Dummy ball ( ball plating )

    Nickel (Ni) plating ball , nickel copper (NiCu) plating ball

    Scrap magnet rare earth scrap

    ( Samarium cobalt , samarium-cobalt ) magnet scraps ( neodymium , neodymium ) magnet scrap ・ AlNiCo ( Alnico ) magnet scrap ・ Sm-Co Nd

  • Tungsten (W) scrap

    Tungusuten(W)scrap, hard metal scrap

    Hard metal sludge, hard metal cutting powder(chip, drill, brazing scrap, etc.) and tugsten carbide powder waste(before molding powder, etc.) Die steel waste and scrap, high-speed steel, end mill, powder, cermet, and other tungsten-containing scrap etc.

    Tungsten reidue, such as sludge

    *Please deliver us the material after segregate by each lot. We also can accept small lot material or the material difficult for separation. First, please let us know.

  • Tin (Sn) scrap

    Liquid waste solvents containing tin solder waste, metal spraying (Metarikon), etc. (Sn)-containing scrap, tin (Sn) plating sludge, oxide, powder and organic tin (Sn) , tin(Sn), spent, catalyst