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Purchase and recycling

  • Battery scrap , scrap , powder, foil slurry

    Lithium- ion (Li-ion) battery

    Secondary battery scraps, NCM battery scrap
    cobalt (Co) · nickel (Ni) · manganese (Mn) content
    Ni,Co -based battery scrap ( scrap )
    cobalt (Co) lithium battery / nickel (Ni) lithium I will expensive purchase various battery scrap battery scrap , such as ( scrap ) the ( scrap ) Kona foil , such as slurry .

    Nickel-Metal Hydride (Ni hydrogen ) Battery : Ni-MH

    It contained the manufacturing process scrap and scrap , nickel hydrogen (Ni hydrogen ) batteries ( scrap )

  • Spent catalysts ( spent catalyst )

    Nickel (Ni) spent catalysts and Raney nickel (Ni) · sponge nickel (Ni) catalyst , etc.

    Cobalt (Co) spent catalyst

    Molybdenum (Mo) spent catalyst

    Tungsten (W) spent catalyst

    Copper (Cu) spent catalyst

    Copper zinc (CuZn) spent catalyst

    Zinc (Zn) spent catalyst

    Tin (Sn) spent catalyst

  • Non-ferrous metals and rare metals , precious metals , rare earth

    Various non-ferrous metal slag , sludge , sludge, waste

    Nickel (Ni) · cobalt (Co) · tin (Sn) · Lead solder (Pb) · copper (Cu) · zinc (Zn) · tungsten (W) · bismuth (Bi)

    I will purchase the expensive Cass sludge , sludge, waste liquid containing non-ferrous metals such as .

    Plating sludge of various non-ferrous metal

    Nickel (Ni) · tungsten (W) · molybdenum (Mo) · tin (Sn) plating sludge etc.

    Various non-ferrous alloy scrap , scrap

    Nickel (Ni) based alloy scrap , cobalt (Co) based alloy scrap , stainless steel (SUS) waste

    Scrap nickel (Ni) · cobalt (Co) · molybdenum and various other non-ferrous metal

    Metal soap

    Naphthenic acid metal salt - octyl acid metal salt cobalt naphthenate , manganese naphthenate , zinc naphthenate , cobalt octoate - octyl aluminum , zinc octoate and other

    Dummy ball ( ball plating )

    Nickel (Ni) plating ball , nickel copper (NiCu) plating ball

    Scrap magnet rare earth scrap

    ( Samarium cobalt , samarium-cobalt ) magnet scraps ( neodymium , neodymium ) magnet scrap · AlNiCo ( Alnico ) magnet scrap · Sm-Co Nd

  • Tungsten (W) scrap

    Tungusuten(W)scrap, hard metal scrap

    Hard metal sludge, hard metal cutting powder(chip, drill, etc.) and tugsten carbide powder waste(before molding powder, etc.) Die steel waste and scrap, high-speed steel end mill, powder, and other tungsten-containing scrap etc.

    Tungsten reidue, such as sludge

    *Please deliver us the material after segregate by each lot. We also can accept small lot material or the material difficult for separation. First, please let us know.

  • Tin (Sn) scrap

    Liquid waste solvents containing tin solder waste, metal spraying (Metarikon), etc. (Sn)-containing scrap, tin (Sn) plating sludge, oxide, powder and organic tin (Sn)