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Contract processing (calcination,drying,mixing and stirring and pulverizing,packing,repacking,sieve,metal processing,etc.)

In our company , calcination , drying , mixing and stirring and pulverizing , packing , repacking , sieve , metal processing is available.
In case having problems with your processing, please contact us for consultation.

  • Calcination and drying

    Please consider as a pre- treatment of the metal recycling.

    Caltination of scrap, such as battery scrap , waste catalyst , nickel residue , cobalt residue , tungsten resude containing oil, organic matter is possible . Drying of scrap such as plating sludge ( nickel ) containing moisture is also available . You can also adjust the drying temperature and keep-drying time.
  • Mixing and stirring
    It is possible to mix and stirring work powder stuff, such as metal objects, will be uniform.
  • Pulverizing
    It can be adjusted to fine grinding of ball milling coarse grinding . I finished up the particle size was in the specification . Grinding jet mill , in the hammer mill is also available .
  • Sieving ( foreign body removal , etc.)

    The vibrating screen machine , foreign body removal and coarse grain is possible. You can also adjust mesh ( mesh size ).

  • Packing and repacking
    Packing and repacking to enter special order, such as small stuffed paper bag packing, to a small bag can be stuffed FIBC, from FIBC from packing drum.
  • Metal processing
    It is possible to cut to the size of the hope of a metal plate cutting cobalt metal, such as nickel metal. You can be peeled off sandblasting, in steel blast surface deposits of metal shot blasting.

Contract manufacturing : Partner companies and factories at anytime wanted

We are looking for partners having calcination, drying, mixing and stirring and pulverizing, packing, repacking, sieve, metal processing, etc. for our scrap or industrial chemicals. Also we are looking for the partners having excess capacity in the facility, also who can support us with high-peformance equipment and technical information.
Please contact us.